Pot and Posy is not your usual florist. We keep things simple by having three posy themes and two size options. While keeping to a theme, each style makes the most of local and seasonal flowers, so over time the posies change as the seasons do. This means less waste, less distance between grower and you, and importantly it also means better prices and fresher flowers that last longer and smell great.

They also offer a select range of plants in pots and hangers – some of which are hand-painted and hand-made in-house by the Pot and Posy team. The plants are locally sourced and the choices are perfectly suited to brighten up the home or workspace. They make perfect gifts that grow – a great flower alternative.

P&P Gift Packs make good gifting easy and meaningful. Teaming up with other great local makers to design gifts that suit many occasions, complementing they’re posies and plants.

Mrs Nargar & Co